WMQ Treatment Techniques

Have you heard of Reiki, Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing, Universal Energy etc?
Do you know how these works?

Have you heard of “Fa Qi”?
Do you know what Medical Qigong is?

If you don’t or want to know more, read on.

What you have to learn to become a Medical Qigong healer:

  1. The training steps towards Certified WMQ Practitioners are:
    • Discover Qi
    • Activate Qi
    • Enhance Qi
    • Recharge Qi
    • Gather Qi
    • Circulate Qi
    • Conserve Qi
    • Direct Qi
    • Store Qi
    • Transmit Qi
  2. Main causes of illness
  3. The WMQ treatment principles and protocol
  4. The various treatment techniques
  5. The techniques in Touch, Non Touch, Near Distance and Distance healing
  6. Precautions before, during and after treatment session
  7. And many more techniques that are kept as secret by Masters
  8. Practical training case studies

To date, there are students from more than forty countries who have attended Wellness Medical Qigong training.

The training is organised into several two-day weekend modules. All participants must successfully complete the Qigong Essentials and Self-healing courses in order to attend the courses on WMQ treatment technique, leading to certified WMQ Practitioners. Wellness Medical Qigong Center reserves the right to screen and select suitable participants.

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All trainings are conducted in English and seats are limited.
Please email mastertan.wmq@gmail.com, or fill up the form below to book your place in advance and we would contact you for any updates.

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Centre in Malaysia:
WMQ Puchong Training Center (Selangor, Malaysia)