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Qigong Essentials Interactive eLearning Course
for a Better & Healthier Life
Designed and taught by Grand Master Dr. Tan Soo Kong D.Sc.(AM) Ph.D.
You don’t have to go to China
To learn Qigong and Medical Qigong Healing

Learn Qigong Essentials Online

  • Online interactive
  • Fundamental and Essentials of Qigong
  • The Benefits of Qigong
  • The Qi Circulating system
  • The Inner Orbit or Microcosmic Orbit
  • Learn Static/Stillness Qigong exercises that include Sitting Meditation and Lying Down
  • Learn Dynamic Movements that include techniques to Loosen, Stretch, Activate, Enhance, Circulate and Store Qi

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The interactive eLearning Qigong Essentials course is designed by Grand Master Dr. Tan Soo Kong D.Sc.(AM) Ph.D., the founder of Wellness Medical Qigong (WMQ). The course consists of Qigong Theory and Video Tutorial on Wellness Qigong exercises. It uses Dao Yin, Visualization and Breathing techniques to loosen, stretch, activate, enhance, circulate and store Qi within. Wellness Qigong covers both dynamic movements and stillness exercises like Lying Down and Meditation.

You can now learn Qigong Essentials at the comfort of your home, at the pace that suites you and at the cost that has never before been offered. Click here to JOIN NOW.

Why Learn Qigong Essentials Online?

People choose to learn Qigong online because of convenience. The online lessons are always available and will never conflict with your schedule. The price is also much less then you would pay to learn Qigong at a physical school.

In addition, you don’t have to look for a Qigong school that is close by, offers a class time convenient for you, and at a price that is reasonable. When you decide to learn Qigong online, you are not affected by all these. You set your own pace of learning and in the comfort of your home. Now if you have the desire to learn Qigong then nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.

If you already learn Qigong, the online course can supplement what you have already learnt. This can give you a broader picture of the Art and help you to deepen your understanding.

Learn Qigong Online: How does it work?

First you need to make the decision to learn Qigong. Then the rest is easy. You just click the JOIN NOW button and chose your options. You may sign up for the additional options at a later stage.

Interactive Qigong Essentials eLearning Course ~ Only $139.95 (One Time Payment)

Systematic way to Activate, Enhance, Circulate and Store Qi to improve health and vitality.

With more than 30 years of vast theoretical knowledge and practical experience, Grand Master Dr. Tan Soo Kong conducts Qigong Essentials, Self-healing Techniques, Treatment Techniques and Certified Medical Qigong Therapists courses. Wellness Medical Qigong (WMQ) focuses on health maintenance, health enhancement, self-healing methodology and techniques for treating others.

The Qigong Essentials course aim at building a strong Qigong foundation to prepare student for advance training such a self-healing and treatment techniques. Many students, after completing the course shared that with regular practice, help improve their health and alleviate chronic ailments. In addition to the dynamic movements and lying down exercises, the meditation technique has a systematic way to help practitioners gradually learn to remain calm and clear the mind, to become undisturbed and unaffected by external factors.

Additional Option 1: Personal Video Coaching ~ Only $19.95 per month

Via the system, you can video recording your practice and link the video clip to Grand Master Tan, he will personally comment and guide you to the right path.

Additional Option 2: Personal Email Coaching ~ Only $19.95 per month

Via the system, you can ask Grand Master Tan questions related to the course, he will attend to you personally.

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Once your application process is complete (which usually takes less than a couple of minutes) you will be given the link and password to have access to the Online course: first the Theory and after successfully complete the Assessment to confirm that you fully understood the key theory of Qigong, you will have access to the video tutorials. All you have to do is login and learn Qigong.

Why You Should Learn Qigong

There are many reasons to learn Qigong and it really doesn’t matter why you are interested- our online course will help you achieve your goals!

Learn Qigong for Health

One of the benefits is how it can enhance your health. This internal art are very popular throughout the world because of their health benefits.

What students says about the course


Age 30+

I benefited a lot from Wellness Medical Qigong as it has helped to alleviate my health problems which I have suffered for more than a year, my physical problems are as follows:
(1) I have irresistible bowel movements; it has been cleared after just one week of practicing Wellness Qigong.
(2) Indigestion problem, which always produced a lot of gas after food.- The problem no longer exists.


I have heard about Qigong but have had doubts about it. Now that I have experienced Qigong, I can safely add this to my regular exercise regime for my well-being. I can also advise my family members and friends on general health maintenance.

Finally, I can introduce others who have health problems to Grand Master Tan. I can now practice Qigong in the park on my own.

Lim ML

Age 50+


A. Muresu


I really enjoyed the Qigong exercises. The relaxation technique is excellent. For me, just being in this environment has enhanced my awareness of Qi.


Well conceived, informative, very enjoyable training. Flow of content and teaching easy to understand. Excellent teaching.

J. Baker





I must thanks WMQ for helping me to alleviate the side effects of Chemo therapy and radio therapy for my cancer treatment. I felt good and fit as usual.


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Centre in Malaysia:
WMQ Puchong Training Center (Selangor, Malaysia)

Qigong Essentials eLearning Demo:
You can have a free preview of a short demonstration of the eLearning by selecting the link below.

Qigong Essentials eLearning Demo