Qigong Essentials Course

This course is designed for everyone. The two-day training covers fundamentals of Qigong and Wellness Qigong set of exercises. The objective is to train the participants on the various important aspects of Qigong e.g. Dan Tian, meridians, Inner Orbit, Five Elements, concept of Yin and Yang, energy breathing and so on.

The set of Wellness Qigong exercises taught in Qigong Essentials course covers both dynamic movements and stillness exercises; incorporating breathing and Dao Yin techniques. It will help practitioners to loosen and stretch the body and to activate, enhance, circulate and store Qi.

Course Outline

Course durations: Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am to 5pm
Topics covered are:

  1. Meridians and Major Acupuncture points
  2. Five Elements and Internal Organs
  3. Concept of Yin and Yang
  4. Qigong Breathing methods
  5. The Three Dan Tiens
  6. The power of Yi
  7. Wellness Qigong Dynamics movement exercises
  8. Wellness Qigong Lying Down exercises
  9. Wellness Qigong meditation

The participants will learn the following:

  • Loosen the body and meridians
  • Activating Qi
  • Enhancing Qi
  • Circulating Qi
  • Storing Qi

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All trainings are conducted in English and seats are limited.
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Centre in Malaysia:
WMQ Puchong Training Center (Selangor, Malaysia)

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