Testimonials For Treatment Services

Rosli, (M), Age 43
(M), Age 43

I have been an active sportsman since young; due to past injuries, I developed slipped disc at L3/4, L4/5 and L5/S1. Suffered from persistent pain on and off for many years. Usually when pain occurs, rest and physiotherapy will ease the pain. However, on December 2004, the pain was so bad that I could not get off the bed. I was hospitalized at a Specialists Hospital for 2 weeks and underwent several physiotherapy sessions but the condition did not improve. The Orthopedic surgeon suggested immediate surgery due to the “foot drop” of the right leg. The right leg had total loss of motor control. The nerves have been pressed against and this condition is generally irreversible.

I decided to seek alternative medical treatment for fear of the possible side effect of surgery. Sifu Tan Soo Kong came to my rescue; he gave me several treatments over a period of one and a half months. I could feel the improvement from the first treatment session. I have been problem-free since January 2005.

Our daughter, Renee, was born and diagnosed with CdLS, a very rare condition that affected her growth and mental development. One of her biggest challenges was when she had severe gastroesophageal reflux, and doctors labeled her as 'failure to thrive'. She was vomiting everyday despite being on maximum dosage of medication. Ralph read about Sifu Tan Soo Kong and his Qigong healing. We brought Renee to Sifu everyday, when she was about 8 months old. When she was 14 months, she was strong enough to go for an operation to correct the reflux.

Today, Renee is 5½ yrs old. She attends a special school, and goes horse riding.

Ralph & S L Krattli

Lee WS, (F), Age 33
(F), Age 33

Since the end of 2004, I was hit by excruciating pain that I have never experienced before around my face region. After consulting a few dentists, I was diagnosed as suffering from trigeminal neurologia (a type of nerve pain). I was referred to neurologist in University Hospital. After a few unsuccessful treatments,, I decided to seek help from some private neurologists. They prescribed me with all kinds of nerve medications. After a few months of medication, the pain was reduced and I gradually stopped the medication. However, after about a month, the pain returned and this time even worse with attacks every half an hour. Even though I took medication thrice a day, I still experienced frequent attacks daily. I was advised by the Specialist that the only way to control the pain was to continue with the medication forever.

Three months ago, my colleague recommended me to Sifu Tan. After five (5) treatments, the pain has reduced and I am almost pain-free now!